The Faculty of Law is dedicated to providing instruction to students in the legal field and develop a hub of legal scholarship and research facilities for students, acadmics and researchers from Uganda, East Africa and beyond.

Our objectives are to:

  • Develop and improve university-based teaching in law and closely related subjects and undertake legal research in various areas of interest to the Law Faculty and the entire Uganda Christian University.

  • Engage in and undertake scholarly publications, particularly a Law Review to promote and encourage staff members and students to publish.

  • Plan sabbaticals and related schemes, intended to develop the faculty staff, as well as providing an avenue for exchange of ideas with other Law Faculties of affiliated and other institutions, with similar objectives.

  • Develop University teaching materials for use by the Faculty and other interested constituent bodies of the University.

  • Improve and strengthen the working relationship between Law Faculties in the region and other academic and research institutions and other organisations.

  • Establish and nurture a research Centre for issues central to Uganda Christian University, including, but not restricted to the promotion and protection of human rights, promotion of and advocacy for the rule of law, and democracy, which are prerequisites for good governance in Uganda and the region.

  • Harmonise as much as possible the curriculum for the Faculty of Law in the Universities in the region.