Faculty Administration

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The Faculty of law is dedicated to providing instruction to students in the legal field and develop a hub of legal scholarship and research facilities for students, academics and researchers from Uganda, East Africa, and beyond.

Our academic staff work as a team and are dedicated to assisting you achieve your academic goals. Each member of our staff has defined job responsibilities as well as the responsibility to assist each other and our students with assistance and support to ensure each student has a positive experience at our faculty. Our staff are well trained and are truly dedicated to develop and improve university- based teaching in law and closely related subjects and undertake legal research in various areas of interest to the law faculty and the entire Uganda Christian University.

Our staff has an overwhelming number of years of experience and training. We realize obtaining university degrees can be a challenging experience and we want to be a resource for you. At the end of each semester, we do ask for your feedback by providing you with a survey at check-in that you may complete and place in a locked box at check-out to help us improve our service to the students.
Out staff are our greatest asset- we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of our staff that we can serve the students, generate long-term value for them and contribute to the broader public.

Administration at the faculty is done as a team. Management is headed by the Dean, the top most position at the faculty.

Ever since its establishment, the faculty has had up to 5 deans who have who have made impacts at the faculty, and the university at large. The dean is a person who is very educated. The responsibilities include being the overall in charge of all academic and non-academic issues such as office relate business, outside activities, budgetary issues, ensure that the staff get further training, making partnerships for the faculty among others. To assume such a position, one must have a PHD in any field, and proven capability to lead and manage the faculty. Currently, the Dean is Dr. Anthony Kakooza who has been at the helm of the university since 2014.

Below the dean is the Associate Dean, who is the head of the faculty of law, Kampala campus. The associate dean position is a newly created position given that the law course at Kampala campus is a recent development started 3 years ago.

After the deans, are the Administrative Assistants, that help the deans with the day to day responsibilities, such as making schedules. There are two administrative assistants at the faculty in the main campus and one at Kampala campus.

The lecturers and tutorial assistants. The faculty has a total of 41 experienced lecturers, some being senior to others and 30 tutors engaged in full time and part-time class sessions.

The office attendants help to make sure the faculty is put in order, the offices are neat and tidy, meals are served on time. Only 12 lecturers are full time.

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