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Over the years of the existence of the university and the law faculty, there has continued to be partnerships arrangements being made within and outside the university.

Informal working relations have existed between faculties, and associations within the university.

Some of the partnerships are informal because most heads of faculties find it easier to work like that since it makes their work easy. The faculty also has external arrangements with different organs. Majority of these partnerships have engage our law students in field work through:-

  • Clinical Legal Education (CLE) projects
  • International Development Law Organization (IDLO)
  • Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity (UCLF)
  • Land and Equity Movement Uganda (LEMU)
  • Foundation for Human Rights Uganda (FHRI)
  • International Justice Mission (IJM)
  • Tiny Hands, a partner, that focuses on fighting Human Trafficking.

The faculty of law has a working relation with the school of law from the University of Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania. These partnerships are built for student exposure where our students are given practical experience while the students offer help in terms of labour to these organizations.


  • John Sentamu Institute
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