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 Dr. Anthony Kakooza,

  • Implementation of a Revised Curriculum at Uganda Christian University – by the Dr. Anthony Kakooza, co-authored with Brian Dennison, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Uganda Christian University, Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education, Vol. 10, No. 1, Autumn 2015; The Open University Law School

  • Access to Justice and Pro Bono legal services in Uganda – Text book chapter (pp. 255-289) in D. Brian Dennison & Pamela Tibihikirra-Kalyegira (Ed.), Legal Ethics and Professionalism: A Handbook for Uganda, Geneva:, 2014 ISBN 978-2-88931-010-4 (Online version).

  • Cybercrime and Social-economic development in Uganda: A legal perspective, Africa Journal of Crime and Criminal Justice (AJCJ), Vol. 2, No. 1, December 2011, pp. 60-78, ISSN:2078-9254, a publication of the United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the treatment of Offenders (UNAFRI).

  • Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation in Uganda: A focus on the Practical aspects, The Uganda Living Law Journal, Vol. 7, No. 2, December 2009. A Publication of the Uganda Law Reform Commission – Electronically available on (constantly ranked amongst the top ten most downloaded papers in the Social Science Research Network in various e-journal categories).

  • Embracing E-commerce in Uganda: Prospects and Challenges, Uganda Christian University Faculty of Law Journal Vol. 01, No. 2, August 2009. Electronically available on

  • Land Law Reform in Uganda: Exploring the loose ends, Uganda Christian University Research Bulletin Vol. II, 2008. Electronic version available on

  • Land Dispute Settlement in Uganda: Exploring the efficacy of the Mediation option. The Uganda Living Law Journal, June 2007, Vol. 5, A Publication of the Uganda Law Reform Commission. Electronically available on

Brian Kajubi.

  • Research Articles and Presentation Papers. “AN UN INVITED GUEST” A presentation paper talking about Western Scholarships into African Religion.

  • “Supreme Court on Matrimonial Property in Uganda” A critical analysis of how courts resolved the aspect of matrimonial property before marriage, during marriage and after divorce, what amounts to contribution etc.

  • “Supreme court on Land Acqusition and Compensation” This paper discussed a recent supreme court case of UNRA on land acquisition and the constitutionality of S.7(1) of The Land Acquisition Act about prior and prompt payment before acquisition.


Matsiko Godwin

  • Political History and Legal Framework of the East African Commission (peer review stage)
  • The case for Liberalizations of Pension Schemes in Sub Saharan Africa (peer review stage)
  • The Law and Procedure of Environmental Impact Assessments in Uganda (
  • Assessment of Liquidated Damages in Employment Cases in Uganda (
  • Various articles at,, https//

Patricia Bako

  • Does Traditional conflict resolution lead to Justice? The Mato Oput in Nothern Uganda, Pretoria Student Law Journal, (2009) Volume 3, page 100-108
  • Walking the talk: Are land evictions in Uganda in Line with Human Rights Standards?  LLM Dissertation, 2009, supervised by Prof Frans Vijoen, Centre for Human Rights.
  • The application of the ICC Act in Practice: The case study of Southern African Human Rights Litigation Centre Trust (SALC) and Zimbabwe Exile Forum V Director of Public Prosecution and Others, Forum Magazine, Page 2-13.
  • Towards justice for grave human rights violation: The African Union Vis-a-Visa the International Criminal Court, Uganda Christian University Law Review, ( 2014) Volume 1 No 2, Page 97-108.

Robert Kiiza

  • An analysis of the Current Legal and Institutional Framework Governing the Management of the Estates of Deceased Persons in Uganda (LLB Dissertation, Uganda Christian University, 2008);
  • Recognition and Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards: A Comparative Study of UK and Ugandan Law and Practice (LL.M Dissertation, Oxford Brookes University, 2012-Abridged version published with Lambert Publishing-UK-see

Tuhairwe Herman

  • Tuhairwe Herman, ‘Copyright protection before and after the TRIPS Agreement; Impact

Waliya Gwokyalya

  • Book Entitled; “Taxation of Small Business Enterprises in Uganda” By Gwokyalya   Waliya. Published by; LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Aug 2, 2013
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