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The Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU), Rev. Dr. John Ssenyonyi has on behalf of the university signed a partnership with the University of Cincinnati (UC) The vice Chancellor visited the UC main campus on 18th April 2018 while on his annual visit in the States.

The relationship between the two universities will cover joint research and training programs, Faculty mobility, Student mobility, the preparation of joint proposals for external funding, joint programs of consulting and evaluation, joint sponsorship of conferences, joint publication and exchange of materials, articles and other publications.

Among the first programs to be rolled out with this new arrangement, UCU under the faculty of law would become the first university in the region to create a sandwich program under which LL.B students can study one academic year in the U.S and graduate with both an LL.B and LL.M after four years.

“We have a unique sandwich program” says Dr. Anthony Kakooza, the Dean, faculty of law. The student (s) will study the bachelors at UCU for 3 years, and in the fourth year, do the masters at Cincinnati and later come back to Uganda and graduate with a bachelors in law from UCU, and a masters in law from the UC.

“From the partnership will be exchange programs, joint publications, and material especially for the medical school and the institute” says the Dean. He added that UC has a great plan for the medical school.

Prior to the new arrangement, there had been an existing partnership between UC and the UCU faculty of law that has been in place since 2016. The John Sentamu Institute for Humanitarian Law and Human Rights has been working closely with the Human Rights Quarterly and the Urban Morgan Institute of Human Rights at UC where projects have been undertaken including the Acid Survivors project with two other Non-governmental organizations; , the Rise Coalition and End Acid Violence in Uganda.

The partnerships have already realized a draft bill, the Acid Attacks (Prohibition and Prevention) Bill, 2017 that was drafted by the faculty which when passed would be specific legislation against acid attack violence in Uganda.

The Human Rights Quarterly has sent a number of books on human rights and international humanitarian law to the faculty and have since informed students during the research.

In 2017, last year, Dr. Raj Mehta, the Vice Provost in charge of international Affairs and Prof. Bert Lockwood, the Director of the Urban Morgan Institute and the editor Human Rights Quarterly visited UCU main campus to establish a formal relationship. The partnership that has been signed by the Vice Chancellor cements the already existent relationship between UCU and University of Cincinnati and also extends the benefits to other faculties in the university.

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